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Quality, Freshness & Traceability

At Saturiwa, we understand the importance of having delicious and fresh ingredients for your recipes. That’s why we strive to provide the best quality spices and specialty foods to enhance your culinary creations. Our team works closely with chefs in Northeast Florida and other locations to ensure you have access to the finest products available. You can order from our extensive list of spices, specialty ingredients, caviar, cheese, truffles, and more to give your meals the flavor and flair you desire.

We are committed to meeting your culinary needs and helping make every dish a masterpiece. With Saturiwa’s premium products and excellent customer service, you can trust that we’ll be your go-to source for all your food service needs.

Try us today and experience the Saturiwa difference!

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Japanese Takehachi Yuzu Kocho 2.11 oz Bottle


Ground Turmeric 32 oz Shaker


Whole Cumin Seeds 32 oz Shaker


Vanilla Beans Indonesia 1 Lb**


Spanish Dark Chile Powder Blend #2 1 lb


Italian Castellavtrano Olives 10 lb Tub


Spanish Fig Jam 4.18 Lb Jar


Mayport Seafood Blend 32 oz Shaker


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Top chefs and business owners praise Saturiwa Trading for its high quality
Matthew Medure Chef
Matthew Medure
Chef and Owner
David Echeverri
Executive Chef and Owner
Matthew Medure
Scott Alters
Executive Chef and Owner
“Saturiwa Trading Co. is a wonderful source of both locally grown produce and hard to find exotic ingredients. I had a wonderful relationship with them for over 5 years that has helped keep the creativity in our kitchen moving forward. Just thrilled to have such amazing products available for all of our Chef's and guests to enjoy. Way to go Saturiwa Team! ”
"Having a local company that's keeping up with all the awesome seasonal ingredients is a great item on the chefs tool belt. Mike and the gang at Saturiwa do a great job at keeping everything fun and interesting while still holding on to integrity and quality."
"I love using Saturiwa for my restaurant because of their extensive specialty line of products, cheeses and olives imported directly from Italy and domestic charcuterie are a must for me."
"STC always has freshest products and the best truffles! The company has helped me immensely with innovative and novel products plus reliably on-time-delivery"


How do I contact customer service?

You can email us anytime at or call 904-549-9245 and should expect a reply within our office hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.

When will my order ship and when will I receive it?

Northeast Florida
Delivery 6 days a week from Mon to Sat.
Jax Metro area and Jacksonville Beaches including Ponte Vedra
Delivery 6 days a week from Mon to Sat.
Fernandina, Amelia Island
Delivery Wednesdays and Fridays
Saint Augustine
Delivery on Thursdays
Due to our limited staff and the particular logistics of the items you may order, it may take 1 – 3 business days for the order to process prior to shipment.

Can I cancel or return my order?

Due to our products’ freshness and scarcity, we cannot cancel an order that is already in process. Because we sell food products, we are not able to accept any returns.

Please contact call 904-549-9245 if you have received your order and there is something missing or incorrect

Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

So long as the order has not yet left our facility, please contact call 904-549-9245 and we will update your shipping address for you. If necessary, a new tracking number will be generated as well. If the order has already shipped, we can unfortunately reroute the package.

What if I receive an incorrect or damaged shipment?

If there are any issues when your shipment arrives, please immediately photograph either the damaged or incorrect products and contact call 904-549-9245. We are happy to support and assist however we can, but due to the freshness and inherent volatility of food products, we do require photographic evidence of any issues within 24 hours of receipt.

How do you serve caviar?

Satuwari Caviar may be served in numerous ways according to one’s personal preferences. A traditional way to serve caviar would be on top of a blini with a dollop of crème fraiche, alongside a glass of champagne or a shot of vodka. Additional accompaniments can range from hard-boiled eggs to quail eggs, to green onions, but the possibilities are endless. Caviar pairs seamlessly with almost any food that can use a touch of brine in flavor. We suggest serving your caviar using a mother-of-pearl spoon to ensure an ideal flavor. Using a metal spoon to serve caviar may result in an unsavory, metallic taste due to oxidation. It would help if you kept your caviar over ice when serving, we recommend investing in a caviar server to do so.

How should I store caviar?

To ensure optimal quality and flavor, caviar should be stored in a refrigerator at temperatures between 26°- 38° F with minimal air exposure. For the freshest experience possible, refrain from opening your caviar until you are prepared to consume it.

How long does caviar stay fresh?

Caviar is an exquisite delicacy and requires special handling to ensure its freshness. Store it in a cold refrigerator (26°- 38° F) with minimal air contact for the best result.

To guarantee that your caviar will remain of peak quality, leave it unopened until you are ready to consume it.

Once opened, caviar can retain its freshness for anywhere from 5 to 7 days.

Can caviar be frozen?

Black sturgeon caviar should never be frozen. However, all non-sturgeon caviar such as salmon roe, trout roe, tobiko, masago, etc., can be put in the freezer.

If you decide to freeze your non-sturgeon caviar to serve it at a later time, keep in mind that the caviar may lose its texture, egg size, and flavor profile upon thawing.

What is the difference between black caviar and red caviar?

Fish roe that is from a sturgeon is considered black caviar because the eggs are commonly darker in color. Red, orange, and even yellow fish roe from salmon and trout are known as red caviar despite not actually meeting the traditional definition for caviar.

Your caviar was delivered as anticipated, but the ice packs had melted. Is it still safe to consume?

Absolutely! We include ample gel packs for your package’s journey so that when you open it up, they’re already fully melted and ready for placement into your fridge. Rest assured – no matter what time of year it is or how long the delivery takes, we guarantee maximum freshness until opening day!

Can I freeze my Wagyu?

Yes! Wagyu’s remarkable high-fat content makes it particularly suitable for freezing, as it preserves its flavor perfectly over extended periods – something that is quite important in our business. We always keep a generous amount of inventory frozen to guarantee optimum quality and freshness.

Quality, Freshness & Traceability

We go the extra mile and delivered promptly so that you can enjoy them at the height of flavor.
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