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A Name Rooted in Local History and Culinary Tradition


Saturiwa is a brand that takes its name from a famous Native American chief and his chiefdom of the same name. Saturiwa and the Saturiwa tribe were prominent in Northeast Florida during the 16th century.

Saturiwa was one of the most powerful caciques in Northeast Florida, with territory stretching along the St. John’s River and its tributaries. The Saturiwa people had a complex social structure and were skilled in agriculture, fishing, and hunting, which allowed them to provide for their people and trade with neighboring tribes.

Chief Saturiwa was a skilled diplomat who played a key role in maintaining peaceful relations with other tribes and European explorers. He famously negotiated a treaty with the French explorer Jean Ribault in 1562, which allowed the French to establish a colony in Florida. However, tensions eventually rose between the French and the Saturiwa, eventually leading to the destruction of the French colony and the eventual decline of the Saturiwa tribe.

Trouble arose when a fire broke out in a Saturiwa cornfield. The French claimed it was a thunderbolt that started the fire, but the Saturiwa believed it was a cannonball fired by the French. 

In response, the Saturiwa tribe stopped supplying the French with food and resources. Ultimately, the French colony was destroyed by Spanish colonists who founded St. Augustine.

The Saturiwa initially formed a friendship with the Spanish. Unfortunately, this friendship did not last long due to the Spanish settlers’ mistreatment of the Saturiwa tribe. Eventually, the French returned to Florida, seeking to reconcile with the Saturiwa. With the help of Chief Saturiwa’s diplomacy skills, the French and Saturiwa formed a new alliance.

The legacy of the Saturiwa tribe and Chief Saturiwa lives on through the Saturiwa Trading Company, which seeks to honor and help preserve their history and existence. By using the name Saturiwa, the company hopes to raise awareness of the important role that the Saturiwa tribe played in shaping the history of North East Florida.

We are more than just a supplier of culinary ingredients – rooted in local history and tradition. Our commitment to quality, excellence, and respect for tradition is evident in everything we do, making us a trusted and valued partner to chefs and restaurants across the country.

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At Saturiwa, we offer a wide selection of caviar from around the world. Our varieties range from classic American sturgeon to Dutch Cetra grandeur – all sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.

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Many people regard caviar as a great appetizer and nothing else, but you may not know that we can incorporate it into many main courses, snacks, desserts, and beyond. For example Smoked Salmon and Caviar on Crispy Potatoes, Caviar Tartare with Salmon and Tomato, etc.